Alarm Monitoring Phone Line Connection

Alarm Monitoring Phone Line Connection


All alarm systems that have a PSTN dialer communication module have to be set up with a mode 3 connection to your incoming Telstra copper line. This works by having the line coming in redirected to the alarm panel then the rest of the houses telephone points being connected to the output PSTN terminals on the alarm panel. The result of this connection is that when the alarm system goes off or into alarm a relay on the alarm control panel board clicks on which cuts the phones in the house and gives priority to the alarm panel to transmit its signal.

This mode 3 system works fine until you have ADSL broadband internet coming into your house through the copper telephone line. The issue is that like your telephones the alarm panel has trouble with the broadband on the telephone line and needs to be filtered. This creates another problem as a normal filter won't allow for the mode 3 connection that the alarm panel needs to send its alarms. To fix this issue, a Central Broadband filter needs to be installed. This allows for the mode 3 loop and removes the ADSL broadband before it goes to the alarm panel and other telephones. An added bonus of this system is that you don't need to have a local filter at each phone anymore

This installation quote is suited to single story home installation, see cabling installation issues.

Listed Functions

  • allows the alarm system to report with Contact ID to a monitoring center
  • allows the alarm system to send text messages if the panel has that function for self-monitoring
  • allows the alarm system to domestic dial " you get a call from home when you answer you hear a siren sound"


Standard phone point installed at panel location and configured for mode 3 operation

Connection of the alarm system to enable PSTN copper line communication, programming of
Panel and commissioning to monitoring service. price $120 includes GST all parts and installation
Note: quote is based on a single story home


Central filter installed to existing phone system

This situation is when there is already a phone point at the panel location and ADSL needs to be removed for monitoring. price $120 includes GST all parts and installation



Central Filter and phone line installed at the panel location

The installation of both central filter and phone line connection to panel location $220 includes GST, installation and programming

Note: quote is based on a single story home




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