Alarm Repairs Sydney All Suburbs Repair Service

Alarm Repairs Sydney All Suburbs Repair Service


Our fixed price alarm service applies to Sydney suburbs. The cost is $180 plus parts. The service covers all fault finding and faulty part replacement. The service also covers a general alarm check over  which includes the following procedures

What jobs does our set priced service cover

                1.      Check alarm panel/ siren tamper zones and replace if required

2.      fault find and repair or replace faulty part

3.      Battery tests this includes wireless devices and replace if needed

4.      Check Alarm system charging, auxiliary voltage and power supply unit

5.      test all alarm zones and check their operation to sites requirements

6.      Test internal/ outside sirens and strobe

7.      Explain any issues found to the customer

Our set priced alarm system repair service applies to both home and business alarms up to a maximum of 8 alarm detection zones connected to the panel. If you need a service call on a larger system, we can still provide this service. We can repair alarm systems that incorporate access control and alarms of any size. It's not a problem for our repair service to handle.

The repair service call covers the first service call, and subsequent service calls to replace any parts that weren’t available on the first service call. The extra testing we do at the initial service call will ensure that your alarm is reliability, and that’s why we provide one year’s service call labour warranty at the completion of your service call. There are some exclusions from the service as detailed below

1.       If we need a scissor lifts or boom lifts to access alarm devices, the service is not covered. All alarm equipment has to be accessible from a 2.5m step ladder and a 6.5m extension ladder.

2.       The service call has to be carried out during business hours 9 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday. The $180 price doesn’t include after hours service calls. If you need an after hour service calls phone 1300462527 for costings.

3.       If your site requires alarm Cable replaced the service does not cover this. Although rare some major problems with cable can happen due to rodent activity, construction damage and lightning damage. The fixed priced repair service will inform you of cable problems, but the cost of cabling replacements not covered under the $180 service.

4.       The service does not include lightning storm damage. Alarm systems that have been damaged by lightning are repairable. But every part of the alarm system needs to be replaced to make it reliable again.

What is the usual cost of alarm parts usually required for the service call? 

1. Backup Battery 12v/7A  =$24.20

2. Alarm Tamper Switches = $7

3. Wireless equipment batteries cost from $3 to $13 depending on the model of device

4. Alarm Power Supply =$25.30

What Products Do we service?

We will service any alarm system, but some of the brands we are familiar with are