New Model Hills Reliance ComNav functionality Reviewed

by graham@goelectronics.com.au on 30-07-2014 in Alarm Systems

I installed the new model Hills ComNav yesterday at a residence in Sydney. The house had three levels. The basement was a professional service office with employees. The ground and upstairs levels were the owner’s home residence.

The customers requested functionality for the alarm was that the office would operate on a separate area with employee arming and disarming reports to be sent by email. This setup allowed for a time-stamped record of office alarm openings and closes.

The two levels for the residence were to operate as the one area with the ability to arm the ground floor for home invasion protection at night while his family was asleep.

The other main function he requested was the ability to remotely monitor and control the alarm system offsite through an iPhone application.

I quoted and installed the Hills Reliance R128 Alarm System with three TouchNav keypads located in the office, ground floor and upstairs. I also connected the new model Hills ComNav to his homes cable broadband router.

I programmed the alarm system and ComNav through the new Touch Nav LCD keypads with ease. The TouchNav keypads have a text display that has removed the need for a user manual.

The new ComNav connected and functioned through the broadband network with ease compared to the old model ComNav. I downloaded the app from apple and installed it on the home owner’s iPhone, iPad and entered the details out of the ComNav into these devices. These devices connected to the Hills Reliance Alarm System through the ComNav instantly.

I tested the system thoroughly and found that it works exactly to the manufacturers claims. The customer has access to the alarm system through the ComNav’s GUI interface and is not only able to monitor and control his alarm system off site but also has the ability to change user functionality. An example of this is being able to delete a user with the click of a button through the comNav interface.

Hills have definitely produced a product with end user functionality that to my knowledge no other manufacturer has and I will be installing many more Hills ComNav / TouchNav Alarm Systems in the future.  

Well done Hills!

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