Bosch 2000 Alarm System Kit 2 x Quad PIR Detectors

Bosch 2000 Alarm System Kit 2 x Quad PIR Detectors



 Listed Functions

  • 8 zones capacity
  • 41 Codes – 1 Installer, 20 User Codes, 20 RF Key fobs
  • Home Arming for home invasion protection
  • A variety of communication options with extra modules available including the standard dialer, gsm/GPRS and IP modules that can provide CID, Email, Domestic Dialling, CSV-IP and RSC "Remote Security Control" smartphone app communication


The Bosch 2000 Alarm System Kit can provide eight hardwired zones. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches and smoke detectors.

The Solution 2000 has a home area and a stay area that can be programmed for home or business after hours invasion protection. This means it can have a stay area with devices reed switches etc that will go into alarm if opened while it's after hours.

If you install a WE800ev2 wireless remote kit to it, the 3 and 4th key fob buttons can be setup to control your home's garage doors this function can be helpful as you will only need one remote for alarm and garage operation.

This wired kit is suited to single story home installation, see cabling installation issues. The kit comes with two Bosch blue line quad detectors. These detectors have two passive Infrared sensors in them. They provide better protection against false alarms due to both sensors having to see the same movement for the detector to send an alarm to the panel. The kit comes with either a box siren/strobe or a slimline siren/strobe you can decide which siren you want when you order the kit.

2000 Monitoring Options

The Standard Panel as supplied

The Bosch 2000 alarm system has an onboard standard phone dialer that communicates through the Telstra copper phone line network. This connection offers two dialling communication formats. The first is Contact IDdialling which is used to transfer alarms to a back to base monitoring centre for paid monitoring. The second is Domestic dialling which is for self-monitoring. Domestic dialling works when the alarm goes off the alarm system dials the mobile phone numbers programmed when the person answers the phone call from home a siren is heard in the earpiece. An issue with this type of monitoring is it doesn't let you know which zone has gone into alarm it may be just one zone that is continually false alarming.

Connecting an IP reporting Network module 

When the IP module is added it enables the Bosch 2000 alarm to report through your business or home's internet connection i.e. NBN, cable or ADSL the alarm panel will communicate in two ways the first is by IP reporting to a back to base monitoring service for 24 hours paid monitoring. The other advantage of this module is a smartphone application which allows remote connection to the panel for alarm and output control. It is important to note that the application is different from the 6000 alarm panel and is only available through a wired broadband connection.

Connecting the GPRS module

An important thing to note is that you need to buy both the B450 PLUG-IN COMMUNICATOR INTERFACE and the B442 PLUG-IN 2G GPRS COMMUNICATOR to allow wireless communication as the GPRS communicator has to connect into the B450 communicator interface and the communicator interface plugs into the alarm panel connection socket. It is also important to note that an enabled sim card from a telco provider is required to allow communication through GSM or GPRS. The GPRS unit only allows Communication with a back to base monitoring centre and domestic dialling format for remote self-monitoring. There is no smartphone application or text message enabled as with the solution 6000 alarm system GPRS module. If you really want text message self-monitoring you need to look at the 6000 alarm for GSM/GPRS or the 6000/ 16i for PSTN copper lines.

Wired Alarm Devices To Add to your Kit

Extra Bosch Blue Line Gen 2 Quad detector or Extra Pet Immune Tri-Tech Detector

For extra detectors, we charge $90 per quad detector and $120 per pet immune tri tech detector these quoted prices include GST and complete installation with cable included. This price is only applicable if the extra detectors are installed at the same time as we install the main kit.  



Wired Reed Switch Installed

The reed switch in the picture is one of many different designs of reed switches for varied installation situations. Reed switches designed for aluminium doors are different to reed switches designed for timber doors. All reed switches cost around the same money, which is not expensive. The main reason for charging $90 for each reed switch installed is the labour cost. Quite often the reed switch locations involve tricky cabling installation and drilling aluminium doors etc where there is no second chance you need to get it right the first time see cabling installation issues. Prices quoted include cable installation. GST is included in the price.  

Smoke Detector Installed

We can install smoke detectors and connect them to the alarm system. The smoke detectors we use have a backup battery power supply and work in conjunction with the alarm system and on their own. They are BCA compliant and certified to Australian standard AS3786. The quoted price includes all part supply and installation $180 includes GST. 



Glass Break Detector Installed

Glass break detector supplied and installed $110. This glass break detector is designed to sense sound waves produced by a window breaking. It should be noted that installation instructions limit one glass break detector per window. If you wanted to protect a whole house you need to purchase one for each window.



Garage Door Motor Alarm Connection

Includes cabling, relay and installation/ configuration of your homes garage door motor $80 include GST. Note this quote only applies to single story homes.

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