Bosch Solution 880 ULTIMA 3 quad detector kit Installed

Bosch Solution 880 ULTIMA 3 quad detector kit Installed


The Bosch Solution 880 Ultima has the ability to provide 8 hard wired and 8 Wireless alarm zones. This means that the system can have eight wired and 8 wireless alarm devices connected to it. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches, and smoke detectors. The solution 880 is Bosch's cost effective panel that will allow wireless devices to be connected to it.  

The Solution 880 has a home area and can be programmed for home protection. This means it has a home area with devices reed switches etc that will go into alarm if opened while you are at home.

If you install a wireless remote kit to it, the 3 and 4th key fob buttons can be setup to control your home's garage doors this function can be helpful as you will only need one remote for alarm and garage operation. 

This wired kit is suited to single story home installation, see cabling installation issues. The kit comes with three Bosch blue line quad detectors. These detectors have two passive Infrared sensors in them. They provide better protection against false alarms due to both sensors having to see the same movement for the detector to send an alarm to the panel. The kit comes with either a box siren/strobe or a slimline siren/strobe you can decide which siren you want when you order the kit. The Bosch 880 panel has a PSTN dialer  and can be configured for back to base contact id monitoring or domestic dialing self-monitoring, see monitoring options.

Listed Functions

  • 8 user codes and 8 remote control user codes
  • Two Alarm areas
  • DTMF remote arming by telephone
  • Remote configuration
  • 3 arming modes
  • Day alarms, duress alarms, and Key Pad tamper alarm
  • On board telephone line fault monitor
  • Zone lockout
  • Dynamic battery test
  • History memory recall
  • Programmable ring burst time
  • Dialer reports with Contact ID and Basic Pager

Kit Includes

Bosch Solution 880 Ultima Alarm Panel
1 x Icon LCD KeyPad
Outdoor/ Indoor Siren and Strobe
3 x Bosch Blue line Wired PIR Detectors
Power Supply and Battery kit
3 year Manufacturers Warranty
Total Cost $999 includes GST Full Parts supply and Installation

Upgrades Available

3 x Pet immune tri tech Detectors = $100 extra making the kit price $1099 includes GST


Sales Brochure

Data Sheet

Wired Alarm Devices To Add to your Kit

Extra Bosch Blue Line Gen 2 Quad detector or Extra Pet Immune Tri-Tech Detector

For extra detectors, we charge $90 per quad detector and $120 per pet immune tri tech detector these quoted prices include GST and complete installation with cable included. This price is only applicable if the extra detectors are installed at the same time as we install the main kit.  



Wired Reed Switch Installed

The reed switch in the picture is one of many different designs of reed switches for varied installation situations. Reed switches designed for aluminum doors are different to reed switches designed for timber doors. All reed switches cost around the same money, which is not expensive. The main reason for charging $90 for each reed switch installed is the labor cost. Quite often the reed switch locations involve tricky cabling installation and drilling aluminum doors etc where there is no second chance you need to get it right the first time see cabling installation issues. Prices quoted include cable installation. GST is included in the price.  


Smoke Detector Installed

We can install smoke detectors and connect them to the alarm system. The smoke detectors we use have a backup battery power supply and work in conjunction with the alarm system and on their own. They are BCA compliant and certified to Australian standard AS3786. The quoted price includes all part supply and installation $180 includes GST. 



Glass Break Detector Installed

Glass break detector supplied and installed $110. This glass break detector is designed to sense sound waves produced by a window breaking. It should be noted that installation instructions limit one glass break detector per window. If you wanted to protect a whole house you need to purchase one for each window.



Bosch Key Pads Available for the Solution 880


Extra 8 zone Icon Keypad

Model number ICP-CP508LW Extra 8 zone keypad supplied and Installed. Cost $190 includes GST. If you have a big house or two entries into your home you may want to have a separate keypad for both entries.




16 Zone Icon Keypad

Model number ICP-CP516LW Bosch 16 zone Keypad supplied and installed $190 includes GST. This keypad allows the Solution 880 full compliment of zones to be viewed. If you are planning to have 8 wired zones and any extra wireless zones on a Solution 880 this keypad is required to view the status of these zones.


Bosch Night Arming Station

Model number CP105 Bosch Night Arming Station Keypad supplied and installed $160 includes GST. This keypad is specifically designed to allow easy arming and disarming of your homes stay mode for home invasion protection. It also has panic touch buttons on it for easy access personal harm situations. These panic buttons can be programmed to send a silent panic alarm to monitoring or  and trigger the sirens locally. 


Bosch Wireless Devices to add to your kit


Remote Control Wireless Receiver Kit

The kit includes 2 x stainless steel premium key fobs and a wireless receiver installed $170 includes GST. The Bosch RF3212 Wireless receiver provides 91m open air receiver ability. It has two receiver aerials that provide bipolar wireless reception. This kit enables the Bosch Solution 880 Ultima panel to communicate with Bosch's full range of wireless devices.




Extra Bosch Premium Keyfob

Extra premium keyfob $55 includes GST.  




Garage Door Motor Alarm Connection

Includes cabling, relay and installation/ configuration of your homes garage door motor $80 include GST. Note this quote only applies to single story homes.


Extra Bosch Wireless detector or Extra Pet Immune wireless Tri-Tech Detector

For extra wireless detectors, we charge $150 per standard wireless detector and $250 per pet immune wireless tri tech detector these quoted prices include GST and complete installation. This price is only applicable if the extra detectors are installed at the same time as we install the main kit.  




Wireless Smoke Detector Installed

We can install a Brookes wireless smoke detector with the receiver and connect it to the alarm system. Cost $380 includes GST.



Bosch Wireless Reed Switch

Bosch Wireless Reed Switch supplied and installed $170 includes GST.




Bosch Wireless Glass Break Detector

Bosch Wireless Glass Break Detector supplied and installed $260 includes GST.






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