GSM Mobile Phone Dialler Alarm Monitoring

GSM Mobile Phone Dialler Alarm Monitoring


If you don't have a copper line connection to your house the most cost effective way to have your alarm system monitored is through a NESS GSM Dialler. Basically, it's a mobile phone that has been designed to communicate with an alarm panel’s PSTN dialer. It can connect to any alarm system that can dial through a normal telephone line. 

You will need to provide a normal sized sim card to pay for calls. This can be prepaid. I must note that prepaid sim cards credit does expire after a certain period that’s why it’s important to look around for a prepaid sim with a long expiry time say 6 to 12 months. 

For self-monitoring, I usually set the alarm system up to only send alarms so it shouldn't cost much for monitoring after the initial testing. It is also important to ensure the Telco provider you purchase the sim card from has coverage in your location so the GSM dialler doesn't drop out.

Listed Functions

  • allows the alarm system to report with Contact ID to a monitoring centre
  • allows the alarm system to send text messages if the panel has that function for self-monitoring
  • allows the alarm system to domestic dial " you get a call from home when you answer you hear a siren sound"


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