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    Phone line Alarm system monitoring involves the connection of your alarm panel to your houses copper PSTN phone line. This requires the installation of a looped phone line to your alarm panel for mode three monitored connections. Mode 3 connection allows your alarm system to cut the phone line when an alarm occurs. This is a standard that ensures the alarm monitor is transmitted. If your house has broadband internet coming in on the phone line it is imperative that a Central Filter is installed
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    The GSM Mobile Phone Monitoring dialler is a special Mobile phone designed to connect to your houses Alarm panel. Having a GSM monitor connected allows for all the Alarms functionality of a copper PSTN phone line. The GSM dialler is the most cost effective option if you require your house security system monitored.
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    The Hills Reliance ComNav allows your Hills Home Alarm System and or Kocom Intercom system to be controlled and monitored remotely through an iPhone or android smart phone application.
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    The NESS IP232 Ethernet to Serial Bridge is designed specifically for NESS Alarm Systems. It allows remote control and monitoring of the NESS D8x and D16x Home Alarm Systems. The IP232 has its own iPhone or android App to accommodate offsite functionality.
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    The Bosch IP Convertor has been designed for the NBN Cutover of existing Bosch Alarm Systems. The existing Telstra copper phone line network is going to be shutdown. The IP converter needs to be installed to existing Bosch panels at the cutover to allow for your homes continued Alarm Monitoring.
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    Our Home Security Camera Packages can be connected to your home's broadband router through an Ethernet cable. This will allow for remote viewing of cameras through your smartphone by android or iPhone apps.
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