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NESS Security Guard III Wireless Home Alarm System with GSM Dialler

NESS Security Guard III Wireless Home Alarm System with GSM Dialler


The NESS Security Guard III has the ability to provide 24 Wireless alarm zones. This means it can have 24 Alarm devices connected to it. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches, and smoke detectors.

The NESS Security Guard III has three arming modes Full Armed, Home mode and Home mode 2. The home area modes can be programmed for different home invasion protection modes. This means it can have home areas with devices reed switches etc that will go into alarm if opened while you are at home.

The NESS Security Guard III is a totally wireless Alarm System solution. The onboard battery only needs to be charged every 4 months making it ideal for situations that have no power. An example of this is a construction site with no power using the Security Guard III to watch tools and equipment. The unit has an inbuilt GSM dialler and only requires a working sim card to send alarm messages to two mobile phones. The Security Guard III is an Australian made multi award winning product.

Listed Functions

  • 24 wireless Zones
  • 3 different states Armed, Home armed and Home 2 armed
  • Flexible Reporting Options SMS TXT
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • Voice Announcement " The unit talks to you about its state"
  • On Board PIR Detector
  • On Board 127db siren " Loud"

Kit Includes

1 x NESS Security Guard III
2 x key fobs
2 x unique keys
1 x power supply
Cost $695 includes full part supply and Installation


NESS Wireless Devices to add to your kit


Extra NESS Keyfob

Extra key fob $48 includes GST.  




Garage Door Motor Alarm keyfob Wireless Connection

Includes power supply, NESS Auxiliary Receiver and installation/ configuration of your homes garage door motor $145 includes GST. Note this quote assumes there is a local 240-volt power socket at the garage door motor for the Receiver power supply. This installation will allow one of the buttons on the SGIII to open your garage door. It is suitable for both single story and two story homes with a single garage door.

Extra NESS Lux Wireless PIR or Extra NESS Lux Pet Immune Wireless PIR

For extra NESS LUX wireless detectors, we charge $120 per standard wireless detector and $130 per pet immune wireless detector these quoted prices include GST and complete installation. This price is only applicable if the extra detectors are installed at the same time as we install the main kit.  


NESS Wireless Smoke Detector Installed

We can install a NESS wireless smoke detector and connect it to the alarm system. Cost $110 includes GST.




NESS RR3 Micro Wireless Reed Switch

NESS RR3 Micro Radio Reed Switch supplied and installed $65 includes GST.

The NESS RR3 is ideal for window installation where no cables can be run to. An example of this is the ground floor of a two story building



NESS RR1 Supervised Radio Reed Switch

NESS RR1 Wireless Radio Reed Switch supplied and installed $87 includes GST.

The NESS RR1 is ideal for door installation and monitoring.




NESS RR2 Universal Transmitter

The NESS RR2 Universal Transmitter has onboard terminals that will detect any device that switches and inform the alarm system. An example of its use would be a separate wired alarm system in another building with the NESS RR2 connected to its alarm output relay when an alarm occurs on this system the alarm relay activates. Intern the NESS RR2 activates and sends the alarm to your NESS security system. This triggers a message to be sent informing you of the alarm on the wired panel. Cost is dependant on what you want to connect it to.

NESS Wireless Panic Pendant

NESS Wireless Panic Pendant Installed and programmed price $55 includes GST




NESS Wireless Keypad

The NESS Wireless Keypad allows wireless pin control of NESS alarm panels. It has the ability to support 15 user codes cost $150 includes GST supplied and installed.




NESS Outdoor Siren and Strobe

The NESS Security Guard III comes with a wiring loom that can connect by cable to an outdoor siren and strobe. The quoted price is for single story installation and it may not be possible to connect an outdoor siren/ strobe to a two story home due to cabling limitations. Outdoor Siren/ Strobe kits are available in both slimline and normal and cost $120 includes GST supplied and installed