Bosch Home Security Cameras

We supply and Install Bosch Advantage line Home Camera Systems that can suit any house. Bosch’s CCTV packages range in size from small 4 camera kits up to 16 camera kits designed for large houses. The Digital Video Recorder in all kits can be interfaced with alarm and access control systems. This functionality allows for offsite remote camera viewing and alarm verification. All Bosch Alarm Packages come with three years manufacturer’s part warranty. Kit prices start from $1599 full part supply and installation

Bosch Wireless Home CCTV Systems

Bosch’s Wireless Home Camera Systems have on board SD card storage for storing video footage at a local level. The camera can be wirelessly connected to your home's Wi-Fi network. Setting up the camera with this functionality allows for remote picture monitoring. We supply and install both high definition and standard definition wireless cameras. Supplied and installed


NESS Home Security Camera Systems

NESS Security offers a range of CCTV systems specifically designed for home use. Their different camera models offer both standard definition analog cameras and high-definition digital cameras. The associated equipment used to store footage in HD or SD is available from NESS security as well. All systems allow remote login to view footage if you have a broadband connection at your house. Our NESS CCTV kits start from $1340 total parts supplied and installed   

NESS Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

We supply and install the complete range of NESS Wireless Home Camera Systems. NESS has stand-alone wireless cameras that connect to your home Wi-Fi network. NESS also has High Definition and Standard definition cameras that connect through stand-alone wireless access points. These wireless systems can extend your home's wireless network. All NESS equipment comes with two years manufacturers’ warranty. Our NESS Wireless CCTV kit starts at $690 parts supplied and installed

Pacom Home Camera System Kits

Pacom is a division of Hills Industries. Pacom specializes in both residential and commercial CCTV camera systems. They supply both High Definition and analog Video Camera systems. We have some Pacom CCTV camera kits available for installation. Pacom has an extensive range of high-quality CCTV equipment that would be suited to a high-end residential installation. Our Pacom kits start from $1750 parts supplied and installed