Risco Agility 3 Wireless Security kit

Risco Agility 3 Wireless Security kit


The Agility 3 Video Verification alarm system combines both surveillance and alarm technologies into the one product. The Agility system is perfect for both home and small business security applications. Risco offer video verification systems for both inside and outside your premises. A simple example for its use is having a VUpoint camera at your front door with a WatchOut movement detector covering the entry. After programming, this will allow a series of snapshot photo's to be sent to your smartphone of every person that comes to your front door. It is important to note that this function will only be enabled when the alarm system is armed. It is also important to note that this function can be enabled when the system is armed in part mode or home protect mode at night. If there is a suspicious character loitering around your house, you will know about it even if they don't try to break in. It's just a fantastic system and creates peace of mind.


Listed Functions

  • 32 x Wireless inputs maximum capability: every wireless peripheral that is attached to the system takes up an input. Types of peripherals are smoke detectors, reed switches, vibration sensors, camera detectors etc 

  • 4 x hard wired inputs and 4 hard wired outputs available with the home automation module installation: If you connect an input/ output expander it will allow 4 x wired peripherals and 4 x wired output peripherals to be connected to the system. The home automation expander is perfect for connecting an existing alarm systems sirens and detectors to the Agility panel. The expander can be installed where the existing alarm system resides. The old alarm systems wired inputs connected to the expanders input terminals and the old alarms sirens and strobes connected to the expander’s output terminals. The I/O expander then communicates over the wireless network to the Agility Panel allowing the main panel to be located at a different location.

  • 3 x Physical Areas: You’re dividing the panel’s resources as physical areas. This works by adding an input to an area and programming that input to act out an action if it is triggered when its Area is armed or disarmed.) This division of physical areas in the one building allow the panel to act differently for one area over another.  I.e. one room can be armed say a store room in a shop while the shop area is disarmed.

  • 8 x Wireless EyeWave Camera Movement Detectors: The EyeWave wireless camera sends a series of snapshot photo's of what their infrared movement detector was looking at to cause the alarm. The images are sent to your phone as a push notification through Risco's smartphone app" iRisco" which is available for  iPhone and Android. The images can be accessed at Risco's cloud server after the event if needed.

  • 32 x User pin codes: 32 user codes can be programmed to the system.

  • 8 x Key Fobs either 4 button or 8 buttons: The 4 button key fob is used for arming and disarming plus home automation functions such as garage door operation, The 8 button remote has the same abilities with the added function of being able to monitor the status of the Agility system.

  • 3 x Code pads LCD or Slimline Indoor/outdoor 

  • 3 x Wireless Sirens / Strobes, both Indoor and Outdoor totally wireless models available

  • Home Automation module X-10: X10 is a communication standard for home automation

  • 250 Alarm memory events

  • 3 x Alarm control room monitoring accounts

  • 16 x Self-Monitoring Accounts: You can send images to 16 individual smartphones.

  • Communication connections available PSTN, IP, and GSM/GPRS in any combination 

  • PSTN: Only allows connection to the copper phone line network, this communication module allows the Agility 3 panel to connect to a back to base monitoring through CID transmission, The PSTN Module also supports domestic dial self-monitoring, Domestic dial is if there is an alarm the Agility 3 will dial your mobile phone when you answer the voice module will tell you which zone is in alarm. The PSTN module also allows two-way voice communications with the agility 3 alarm system. This means you can dial the Agility panel, it automatically answers and you can talk to who has caused the alarm. The iRisco application functions aren't available through a PSTN communication module

  • IP Network: The IP network module allows the Agility 3 alarm to connect through your home or business internet connection. Connection modes supported by the IP module are the Copper phone line ADSL, NBN Network, Cable Internet and satellite Internet. A downside to this connection type is that the two-way voice communication function doesn't work through the network module as this requires a dialler or basically a number to call. All other stated abilities are enabled with the IP module.  

  • GSM/GPRS: This module offers the total functionality of the Risco visual verification alarm system. The both ways voice communication operation is available through the GSM/GPRS communication module. The GSM/GPRS communication option also offers the most secure form of monitoring as the other two communication options have the downside that the communication line into your premises can be cut to disable monitoring whereas the GSM/GPRS wireless option ensures the images will get out.

  • Back to Base Reporting formats:  Contact ID format, SIA level 2 & 3 (text support), SIA IP Network encrypted, IP/GSM, Permacon

  • Programming Methods: One of the Agility3's best abilities are the end user doesn't need to ever do any programming. Once the Agility alarm system is connected to the Risco cloud it can be managed by us. If you need to add new devices to the system it's only a matter fitting the new device as it can be programmed and configured through the Risco Cloud by us. The Agility panel will also inform us of any system problems that arise with the Agility panel in the future so your system will always be operational. The Agility 3 can also be programmed locally using RS232 for programming Software and locally using the LCD 2-way code pad.

  • 8 x programmable Automated schedules: set/unset or output control

End user features

  • Phone app and internet web browser for image visual verification

  • Arm, disarm, control and monitor the Agility system.

  • Event and image notifications by email

  • Alarm event notification and alarm control by SMS.

  • Audio: voice event messages, touch-tone control with full voice menu guide two-way audio for listen-in and speak allows you to have a conversation with the intruder who caused the alarm note: This function is only available with gsm/GPRS and PSTN communication modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Agility 3 manufactured?

Ans: it's manufactured in Israel.

How long do the wireless device batteries last?

Ans: Risco states that the batteries will last 2 years under normal operating conditions.

Can we be spied on from the indoor PIR Cameras?

Ans: Risco's two-way wireless network ensures the cameras are disabled when the Agility panel is disarmed. The PIR cameras can't be accessed for live footage streaming at any time. The only way they work is if an alarm operator wanted to trigger a series of snapshot photo's to be sent to their phone through the iRisco app.

How much data is the Agility system going to use regarding my data allowance?

Ans: The Agility system uses around 10kb per day which is really nothing and won’t affect either your broadband internet or a 3G sim card plan. The only thing to be careful of is that some of the cheaper sim cards have the best data amounts for money but charge a minimum of 1mb for every transmission. This could use a lot of data as the Agility only sends and receives small packets of data, but it does it a lot.


Agility 3 Brochure

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Agility 3

Devices to Add to your Agility Kit

Risco VUpoint Outdoor Live View Camera

The Risco VUpoint outdoor camera produces 1.3-megapixel high definition pictures. This camera is designed to be integrated with Risco video verification systems as a video capture camera upon alarm input triggers. The camera and Agility 3 alarm are integrated into the same app for monitoring which is a big advantage for the end user. It has IR infrared night LEDs that offer 10 meters night vision. The VUpoint requires hardwired cabling to your home or business internet network for operation. It can run on power over Ethernet if your network provides this function otherwise, it requires its own power supply installed. The cost of the VUpoint outdoor camera is $320 as a part only. You can call 1300462527 for a price on installation which will depend on the structure of your premises  

Risco VUpoint indoor live streaming camera

The Indoor VUpoint camera has the same picture capabilities as the outdoor model HD 1.3mp with the same Risco alarm integration ability as well. The main differences with this camera are an IR night flash and it can be connected through your WiFi network. It should be noted that it still requires a power supply connection. We would need to know the structure of the house or business to give you a price on installation for this camera, but the camera costs $320 as a part



Risco Watchout Outdoor PET Immune Detector

The Risco WatchOut outdoor movement detector is perfect for integration with the outdoor VUpoint cameras to trigger video footage capture of incidents. The two devices together ensure you’re aware of what is happening around the property both day and night. The WatchOut has two vertical infrared beams that both have to be broken by a similar mass to go into alarm. The detector is PET immune to 45KG. The cost to have this fitted with the installation of a kit is $330 



Risco EyeWave Camera PIR Movement Detector

Add extra Risco EyeWave camera detectors to your kit. The installed price is $200 a maximum of 8 per Agility 3 is allowed




Risco iWave standard PET immune Detector

Add iWave detectors where a snapshot is not as important. You can set these up to also trigger an EyeWave camera to take a snapshot. The cost for an iWave installed with your kit is $140




Risco Key Pads Available for the Agility 3

Extra wireless Agility 3 LCD keypad

Add an extra Agility 3 wireless LCD Keypad to your kit cost = $210 installed. Note a maximum of three keypads can be connected to one Agility 3 System



Agility 3 Indoor Keypad

Add a basic indoor led keypad for alarm control. costs $180 supplied and installed




Agility 3 Outdoor Keypad

Add a basic outdoor led keypad for alarm control. costs $180 supplied and installed



Listen in and Speak Module for Agility 3

The Agility 3 panel has one of these modules built into it so if you accept having the control panel installed in a location that can be heard by intruders this module isn't needed. Basically, the Listen and Speak unit allows a two conversation with the intruder that caused the alarm. You can call the panel, it will auto answer and let the thief know you have their picture and the police are on the way. I should note that the Listen and Speak module only works with an Agility 3 with PSTN or GSM/GPRS module connection, not IP. Its price $120 supplied and installed



4 Button Remote Control

Add extra 4 Button remotes cost is $41 each. We also supply an 8 button remote which has more home automation function buttons and Agility 3 alarm status functions price is $63




Wireless photoelectric smoke detector

Monitor your property for fire with an Agility 3 smoke detector cost installed = $130




Agility 3 Wireless Shock Detector with input 

The Agility system has a number of perimeter protection devices this shock detector with input is an excellent device to protect windows for both intruder breakage and jimmying open. The shock detection part detects vibration and its onboard input supports opening detection. The device costs = $88 as a part. Installation cost really depends on what kind of windows are at the property.


Wireless Barrier Beams

 The Risco wireless barrier beams are perfect for protecting verandah areas. Coverage area is 8m indoor and 5m outdoor cost installed is $390




Wireless Outdoor Siren Strobe

The Agility 3 system has both an indoor and outdoor wireless siren both units cost the same $220 installed