Security Camera Monitoring Systems

Security Camera Monitoring Systems


Setting up security camera systems for remote viewing involves three steps. The first is connecting the camera system to your home internet network.

The second involves programming your home's broadband router for port forwarding. Finally installing and configuring your smartphones viewing application.

Basically, you’re viewing footage that is streaming through the port forward configuration in your home's broadband router.

Another kind of monitoring that can be set up after the router connection has been established is email notification an example of this functionality could be

“On your driveway you have a PE beam that goes into alarm when a car drives through it; this triggers an input on your CCTV system which triggers your CCTV system to take a range of snapshots of the driveway camera at the point of the alarm. The CCTV system emails these snapshots to your email address for you to assess who drove up the driveway."


Job Includes

configuring your home's router, CCTV system and smartphone application for remote viewing 

cost $40 includes GST



Extra costs associated with the Video Camera Monitoring if Network or cabling is required for installation



Data Socket Network point installed at panel location and home network router 

The Connection of the CCTV system to your home's network router if it's not located near the router. price $80 includes GST all parts and installation
Note: quote is based on a single story home





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